Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a great recipe that you want to share with the world.
  • You're ready to get started with your new business but don't know how.
  • You're trying to please everyone and make everything.
  • You hate asking for the sale.
  • You have no idea who your true customer base is.
  • You don't know how to sell to customers.
  • You're simply afraid.

What is Kitchen 2 Market?

You've been looking for some help and it's finally here.

Kitchen 2 Market: Start Your Home-Based Food Business is an online course and group coaching program geared toward small batch food businesses, just like yours. This course focuses on new businesses looking to get started in the industry. In this four-week program you will learn step by step what you need to do to realize your dream of starting your own food business. You'll also have an opportunity to get all your questions answered during the weekly group coaching sessions. Everything you need to know to be successful has been packaged in this four-week group coaching course.


“Wow! This is an awesome opportunity and wealth of info. All you need to start your biz and, love you!”

C. Gainey

“OMG Miss Denay has tremendously been a blessing during my rebranding process!!! Not only was I able to find items to sell that was for sure a great income for my business but I was able to find commercial kitchen space in my local area I had no idea existed! Now that's been a 3 year search for me!! This institution helps with research on great topics to help us flourish in the food industry despite this pandemic! Miss Denay is honest and straight forward and very sincere! It's ONLY up from here. Thank you from the top thru the bottom of my heart! I hope for NOTHING less than success for the Foodpreneur Institute. ❤️ ”

S. Tyson

“A great straight forward resource for anyone in the food service business! Denay is full of information which she loves to share. Her giving personality is delightful and caring. I wish I had know her when I first decided to sell my food. So many mistakes would have been avoided. Keep up the great work!”

A. Kplus

What Will You Get Out of the Course?

Check out everything you get by signing up for this four-week group coaching course.

  • Access to a detailed course on how to start your small batch food business.

  • Four weekly group coaching sessions with Denay to talk through your questions and concerns and help you get your business up and running.

  • A workbook that will assist you with getting your business started.

  • A 1-year business plan that asks the specific questions you need to answer to be successful in your first year in business.

  • A private community moderated by Denay, in which you can post your questions, concerns, wins and engage with others in the course.

  • One half-hour individual coaching session with Denay to discuss your business and what next steps will look like for you.

How it Works

  • Sign up for the Kitchen 2 Market: Start Your Home-Based Food Business four-week group coaching course

  • Introduce yourself in the private community

  • Download the workbook

  • Completely revolutionize the way you think about your business


Denay Davis

Founder & Senior Coach

Hello! Denay here, from the Foodpreneur Institute. I founded the Foodpreneur Institute as an educational hub for cottage food operators and home-based food entrepreneurs. When I first started in home food production there were a handful of cottage food states, today there are 48. I have 30-years in the food industry and I've been a Cottage Food Operator since 2007. Home-based food production has certainly changed my life for the better!

The Kitchen 2 Market course is for those who...

  • Seriously want to make the leap into entrepreneurship
  • Need assistance with a hands on approach
  • Are ready to start making real profit from their food business
  • Are just starting their food business and don't know which direction to go

Why Do You Need the Kitchen 2 Market Course?

  • Because you just started your business and need guidance
  • Because you don't know which products will be most profitable
  • Because you don't understand your cottage food requirements
  • Because you always wanted to sell you products
  • Because you don't know anything about running a business
  • Because you need to know you can do this
  • Because you want your family to be proud of you
  • Because you want to make a difference in your community


  • When does the course begin?

    The course will open to you on April 7th. Our first group coaching call will take place April 8th at 7pm EST.

  • What value will I get from the Kitchen 2 Market course?

    In addition to accessing the course content, you will also receive access to a private community where you can participate in weekly group coaching sessions. You will have access to exercises and assignments that will allow you to focus on building a profitable business. Students will complete a weekly goal setting checklist tracking their business development goals. You will be encouraged to ask questions, so you have a clear understanding of your food business. This course is chalked full of so much value!

  • I'm new to cottage food and just getting started. Will this program be too advanced for me?

    No, our content is designed to help cottage food operators at the very start of their journey.

  • I've been running my business for a while, will this program be too basic for me?

    This course was created specifically for new entrepreneurs, however we will be releasing a program geared toward the unique needs of more seasoned entrepreneurs.

  • I don't live in the United States, can I still purchase a membership?


  • Can I get a refund if I find the program isn't for me?

    We don't offer refunds.

  • What happens after I join?

    You will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to join the private community and access the content. The information will include how to reach your coaches with questions and a clear overview of how to work through the material. This will be an important email that you will want to reference often, so be sure to be on the look out for it and keep it in a safe place.

  • Can I join with my business partner or significant other?

    Yes, however you must both purchase separate memberships.

  • I have more questions!

    Cool, just contact us via email at